As a national design and construction company, Pellicano Builders delivers high quality products for the residential, commercial, industrial and retail sectors. With an exceptional track record, Pellicano Builders is recognised for its innovation, environmentally sustainable designs, attention to detail and successful delivery of projects safely and on time.

In addition to delivering Pellicano’s construction work, Pellicano Builders also contracts directly with external clients and developers, accepting traditional tenders, as well as tender work for a complete project service. Over the last 47 years, Pellicano’s repeat business has proven the high regard in which they are held.

Key to the success of Pellicano Builders is its dedicated and motivated personnel who collectively showcase a wide variety of skills in design, construction and project management. Long-standing relationships with highly skilled architects, town planners, engineers and subcontractors – who work alongside our own internal team of estimators, project managers and site labour force, all of whom ensure the very best in quality and service.

Continuous investment in research and development ensures Pellicano Builders remains at the industry’s forefront by understanding new building products, materials and construction methods. Managed expenditure on technology ensures that the company keeps evolving and maintains comprehensive business management systems using state-of-the-art computer based project planning and job cost administration software.

Pellicano Builders has achieved certification of its Occupational Health and Safety Management System to AS /NZS:9801 and its Environmental Management System to ISO 14001.


Our Mission

Our Vision
Our vision is to be acknowledged as an industry leader in Design and Construction, by building quality, cost effective and sustainable commercial facilities; safely and on time.

Our Customers
Pellicano Builders continuously improves service to customers and responsiveness to their needs by constructing sustainable, safe, high quality and cost effective commercial facilities, through a process of consultation and innovation.

Our People
Outstanding individual and team performances are recognised and rewarded to encourage a culture of mutual respect and pride. The team enjoys secure employment, career progression, and personal development opportunities, all in a safe and healthy working environment.

Our Communities
As a family business, active participation in local community groups is important to us. Pellicano Builders constructs facilities in an environmentally responsible manner, mindfully choosing designs that complement surrounding landscapes without risk to public safety or infrastructure.

OH&S Policy
Pellicano Builders is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment through the continual review and improvement of objectives and targets that are aimed at eliminating work-related injury and illness. These workplaces comply with relevant OH&S legislation and any other requirement to which it subscribes.

The business takes all reasonable steps to identify, assess and control factors that may affect an employee’s health, safety and wellbeing, as well as sub-contractors, visitors and the public. The policy is enforced and achieved by ALL employees, overseen by the OH&S Committee.



Pellicano are committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment. We take all reasonable steps to identify, assess and control safety factors in our working environment that may affect the health, safety and well-being of our employees, contractors, visitors and the general public.

Our overall Health & Safety policy is achieved by contributions and consultation from our management, site staff and all of our employees through our OH&S Committee.

Our impeccable safety record over the past 47 years highlights the importance and our commitment to health and safety in the workplace, and lets you know you’re in safe hands.


Design and Construction

By combining both the design and construction elements internally, our clients can save time and costs by utilising our years of experience as one of Australia’s best design & construct builders, with a reputation for high quality work produced on time and on budget.

Our highly experienced design team, project managers and construction team are with you every step of the way, ensuring your needs and concerns are resolved as quickly as possible. This is done through our Project Control Group (PCG), which comprises members from both Pellicano and our client. The role of the PCG is to monitor project performance and strategic direction and ensure all goals and decisions are met and resolved. Detailed reports are issued after each meeting, and actions taken.

This highly successful method of project management ensures the high quality of our work, maintains our reputation as a quality and customer focused design and construct builder, and ensures our clients gain maximum value for their money.

Pellicano is constantly developing design strategies that enable progress towards environmentally sustainable designs.

This is achieved by continually researching and evaluating:

– New technologies to efficiently use energy and water resources
– Innovative approaches to improving work environments
– Ways to implement smart design principles

By retaining long-term ownership of buildings created by Pellicano, close attention to the entire building lifecycle is critical.

The principle behind Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) is to create buildings that lessen the environmental impact of design and construction. It also saves money and, thanks to its high performance, results in healthier environments in which to live, work and learn.

Other ESD and green building design benefits include:

– Energy conservation
– Water consumption reduction
– High-quality indoor environments
– Waste minimisation
– Recycling maximisation

There are many approaches to creating green buildings and each site and building will present different opportunities and requirements.


“I would like to acknowledge Pellicano’s support, capability and reliability in delivering what I can only describe as a brilliant new manufacturing facility. The ahead of schedule completion and quality of finish depicts the reputation attributable to your firm.”

Vito Chiodo
BHP Billiton


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