Bricks and mortar. That’s the real start of construction. That was our beginning. In 1967, two brothers – Frank and Nunzio Pellicano, established a humble bricklaying business. And, just like the buildings we construct, we have built this business from the ground up to become an award winning, leading multidisciplinary property and construction enterprise.

The Pellicano Group currently owns and manages more than 170 properties, with over 310 commercial clients and has a diverse property portfolio comprising residential, commercial, retail and bulky goods, industrial and the hospitality sectors.

As one of Australia’s leading award-winning developers, it has a reputation based on an ongoing commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail. Pellicano focuses on quality and affordability while personally managing each phase – design, construction, leasing, selling and delivery. This approach sees Pellicano’s developments consistently in high demand by owner-occupiers, tenants and investors alike.

The family business is a privately owned company with a rich history entrenched in good old family values. It’s a history that makes the Pellicano’s immensely proud. With both property services and construction on offer, and with a highly motivated team, Pellicano is a one-stop shop for design, construction, development, and asset and funds management services.

“The Pellicano name is spoken of with admiration and respect by the property industry generally and reflects the many physical examples of the quality work of the Group but, more importantly, the professional and ethical way the Group has conducted its business dealings.”

Daryl Browning, ISPT Pty Ltd

Funds Management

Pellicano’s Funds Management division holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (Pellicano Funds Management Pty Ltd) and manages numerous unlisted property trusts and other property vehicles that are both owned by Pellicano outright, and in a shared arrangement with a mix of private and institutional investors including ISPT and Sun Super managed by AMP Capital.

Our ‘one-stop shop’ setup ensures Pellicano is always in total control of the properties, with vast knowledge across building costs, land prices, market rentals, market movements and new opportunities. This gives investors confidence in Pellicano, safe in the knowledge that it has in-house management expertise and extensive property knowledge. Many staff are always at the ‘coal-face’ and act decisively and promptly whenever required.

Development Management

With more than 45 years experience, clients know their projects will be managed professionally and delivered on time, on budget and with little fuss. Pellicano manages the development process from conceptualisation right through to completion, and prides itself on delivering quality and architecturally designed assets.

Property Management

Pellicano only manages its own assets – our philosophy is: who better to act as manager than the builder, developer and visionary behind each property?

This approach means all parties are assured that both the buildings and its clients are provided with the very best of care and service.
Our property management division is responsible for the ongoing day-to-day management of property assets. Each team member is highly experienced and possesses the specialist skills to work in close consultation with their clients to effectively manage each property.

The department also includes a full time maintenance supervisor to deliver the best customer service to tenants at all times, dealing promptly with any maintenance issues.

This ongoing client relationship and premium service is a key focus for Pellicano.

“A big thank you to the Pellicano team for achieving this milestone under very difficult circumstances and within a very challenging deadline. This achievement is nothing short of remarkable, especially given Pellicano was not obligated to meet our deadline, but chose to do it to ensure the Costa Group was not impacted by an exit deadline thrust upon it by its existing landlord.”

Tony Nobilo, Group Chief Procurement Officer and CIO
Costa Group of Companies


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