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Bricks and mortar. That’s the real start of construction. That was our beginning. In 1967, two brothers – Frank and Nunzio Pellicano, established a humble bricklaying business. And, just like the buildings we construct, we have built this business from the ground up to become an award winning, leading multidisciplinary property and construction enterprise.

Pellicano owns and manages over 190 properties, with 370+ commercial customers currently enjoying these spaces. The property portfolio is diverse, comprising assets in the residential, commercial, retail/large format retail, industrial and hospitality sectors.

As one of Australia’s leading award-winning developers, it has a reputation based on an ongoing commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail. Pellicano focuses on quality and affordability while personally managing each phase – design, construction, leasing, selling and delivery. This approach sees Pellicano’s developments consistently in high demand by owner-occupiers, tenants and investors alike.

The family business is a privately owned company with a rich history entrenched in good old family values. It’s a history that makes the Pellicano’s immensely proud. With both property services and construction on offer, and with a highly motivated team, Pellicano is a one-stop shop for design, construction, development and on-going property management and property investment.

“The Pellicano name is spoken of with admiration and respect by the property industry generally and reflects the many physical examples of the quality work of the Group but, more importantly, the professional and ethical way the Group has conducted its business dealings.”

Today, Pellicano looks at leading technologies around the world to ensure its team is using the latest ideas and creating future proof spaces. By embracing cutting-edge technology, Pellicano creates new digital environments to enhance the building experience, from enabling clients to view and manage property services, to improving the integration of urban precincts.


Pellicano is built on generations – the strongest foundation there is

Nunzio Pellicano

Founding Partner

Pellicano draws on the strengths of three generations. With a wealth of experience, combined with ongoing generational business change, we enjoy the best of all worlds. Pellicano provides extensive expertise and practical experience, while at the same time embracing new technology and ideas that push the boundaries. With this winning combination, the possibilities are endless.

I’m grateful for the way this business has evolved. I am both proud and privileged to see my sons working alongside my brother’s sons to grow Pellicano even further. We’ve put in untold hours of work, so we’ve been fortunate to have our family around us as we’ve done so.

While the company’s future is now with our younger generations, we will always support and work together to maintain the Pellicano mantra and reputation for excellence. The business is in capable hands.

Antonio Pellicano

Managing Director

I started working in the business when I was 27 and I’m now in my early 40’s, how the time has flown!

The business has changed and grown enormously since I started but the three things that haven’t changed is our passion, drive and the quality of our projects.

My father passed on a lot of his values and knowledge onto myself but most importantly he told me to always enjoy what I am doing, and I can honestly say it is still a joy to come into work everyday and continue to build on and grow what my father and uncle started, alongside my brother and cousins.

Renato Pellicano

Managing Director

My passion is creating and maintaining honest relationships with our customers and working closely with the Pellicano sales/leasing and asset management team to achieve beneficial outcomes for the family and our customers.

I respect “old school” teachings and values in negotiation to attain “win-win” outcomes. It’s this philosophy that has seen a record number of existing clients renew their occupation with us and an impressive list of new clients join the portfolio including Victoria Police, Vic Roads, Metcash, Dulux and Amazon.

Above all, I’m driven to do “good business with good people”.

Michael Pellicano

Managing Director

I’ve seen a few changes in my part of our 55 year journey, the industry, the technology, the buildings. Some things though, stay the same. Firstly, people build buildings, I am always proud to talk about our team, what we have achieved and continue to achieve. I love the diversity of our projects. The other is our culture, “the Pellicano way” defines us, be it a unique building detail or the environment we work in. Many days feel more like fun rather than work. We really are an extended family.

Assunta Pellicano

Non-Executive Director

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing this company grow from three people to an organisation of more than 100 employees. It’s a wonderful feeling. I began working in administration and then diversified into share investment, childcare development and building aged care facilities. This journey has been a huge learning curve and an extremely fulfilling experience.

Now we’re onto the third generation of Pellicanos; it’s the beginning of greater things to come.

Nando Pellicano

Managing Director

Through the rapid expansion of our premium business parks, as well as our landmark master planned residential and retail mixed use developments, Pellicano has become the expert in creating destinations where people live, work, learn, share and connect. It’s what we’re passionate about and what we do best.

Working with my fellow directors and our team of staff is an absolute joy. I feel very privileged to be a part of such a wonderful environment.



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