While Pellicano recognises the value in land, bricks and mortar, its team understands that strong relationships with all stakeholders is the key to success. From development and construction to investment and asset management Pellicano has the right people, processes and principles in place to succeed.


Pellicano builds high quality products for the residential, commercial, industrial and retail sectors across the country. Through continuous investment in research and development, Pellicano remains at the industry’s forefront and its design and construction team is recognised for delivering innovative, environmentally sustainable projects. With a meticulous approach to design and detail, and an impeccable safety record, each building is realised safely, on time and to the highest standard.

Pellicano is always researching and evaluating new building products, technology, construction methods and design strategies to implement smart design principles that tread lightly on the land.



Pellicano manages the development process from conceptualisation right through to completion, and prides itself on consistently delivering quality and architecturally designed assets. Working with its handpicked partners, from agents to contractors, Pellicano builds bespoke properties for a carefully researched target market. This guarantees that each property is built to the company’s high standards and meets the ongoing needs of building occupiers.


Property Investment

Pellicano retains ongoing ownership of many of the investment grade assets it creates. These are primarily owned by Pellicano, and others with a select mix of partners, both private and institutional. The portfolio consists of over 180 properties, with 360+ customers currently enjoying these spaces.

Our “one-stop shop” setup ensures Pellicano is always in total control of the properties, with a diverse range of knowledge and skills across construction costs, market movements, leasing and sales as well as new opportunities.

Asset Management

Pellicano manages its own assets — our philosophy is: who better to have as manager than the builder, developer and visionary behind the project? This approach means all parties are assured that both the buildings and its clients are provided with the very best of care and service.

The in-house asset management division is responsible for the ongoing day-to-day management of property assets. Each team member is highly experienced and possesses the specialist skills required to effectively manage the tenancy.

The department also includes a full-time maintenance department to deliver the best customer service for our clients and deal promptly with any maintenance issues. This ongoing client relationship and premium service is a key focus for Pellicano.



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